Student Guide
  • A mid-term exam is held in each term and its date is set in the academic calendar (in the seventh week of the first term and the fourth week of the second term).
  • The final term exam is held in the last two weeks of each term and its date is declared in a schedule issued by the faculty dean.
  • In blended Learning exams could be held in a traditional or online according to the nature of the course and the decrees of the Supreme council of Universities.
  • The student must re-register a compulsory course or courses in which he/she fails or in an equivalent course. Whatever the obtained grade is that the student receives a grade does not exceed C + (Good). As for the elective courses the student gets the actual grade he/she obtained.
  • If a student fails to enter the final term exam of a course, the student will be considered to have failed course.
  • If it is proven that the student failed to enter the exam for a serious, legitimate excuse accepted by the faculty board and he/she had successfully passed the class work and the mid-term exam without exceeding the percentage of allowed absence, the student then is considered to have incomplete course. In this case, the student must re-register the course(s) in which he/she obtained the incomplete grade (I) and the student must change the incomplete grade (I) by holding a make-up exam at the beginning of the next term or by a test in the next final term exam.