Calendar, quarterly and cumulative averages

1-The annual average of a student’s performance is the weighted average of the grades he obtains in the academic year in his two semesters, as follows:

Total score (multiplied the number of hours for each course x the points earned by the student)

/ Total number of hours in the school year

2- The cumulative average (general) is the weighted average of the grades obtained by the student during the last academic period.

3-A mid-term exam is held in each semester, and its date is set in the university calendar, in the seventh lecture in the two main semesters and the summer semester.

The final exam is held in the last week of each semester according to a schedule issued by the Dean of the Faculty. In emergency cases that require submitting a course exam on time, the approval of the Faculty Dean is required.

4- The duration of each of the mid-semester and final exams is limited to two hours each. The Academic Council, after taking the opinion of the Faculty Council and the specialized scientific department, may amend the exam period for any course.


Each course is marked out of 100 % distributed as follows:


1- Exams (75%) are distributed as follows:


a)     (15%) for the midterm exam.


b)   (60%) for the final exam


c)    Semester work (25%), which includes at least the following types of assessment according to the nature of each academic course:

·       Oral and written exams.

·       Reports, research and additional readings.

·       Laboratory experiments, research and field trips.

·       Weekly or monthly duties in the same course.

4- An honors degree is granted to the student who obtains a cumulative average of no less than (3.7) points upon graduation. To obtain an honors degree, the following are required:

-         The student must have studied at least 75% of the graduation requirements in the faculty, and

-         s/he must not have failed in any of the subjects he studied in the faculty.

The student must have completed graduation requirements within a period not exceeding four years after excluding periods of suspension of registration.